My love... She keeps me warm

Inequality does not sit well

Inequality does not feel well or being a monkey.

The experiment is simple, two monkeys with each stone is your carrier, ask the left to return it as a reward, a cucumber, the same right as a reward a grape.

Think the cucumber be happy?

He shoots his girlfriend through a culvert

He shoots his girlfriend through a culvert into a deadly trap devised by.

The woman has been rescued after spending three days in the sewers. The wound and found only her underwear.

The motherfucker was arrested after finding the girl.

Inked the day


Welcome to the Alt Girl Party

It was me?

It is difficult to ask for forgiveness …

Inked the day

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Reckless in the Shanghai Tower (650 meters)

Reckless without any fear of heights to climb higher in the Shanghai Tower.

It seems more of a video, but I personally have not stopped sudarme hands as she watched …

The Purge 2 Anarchy. New subtitled trailer


Breaking Bad based on a true story?

Breaking Bad is a series known worldwide, where a chemistry teacher, Walter White, after receiving the news of having a lung cancer, was the idea of ​​starting to manufacture and distribute methamphetamine in order to get lots of money occurs before his death and leave his family with “expenses paid” after his possible death.

Well, the story is supposedly fully fictícea but curious Vice has released a documentary about a Walter White, who took gold manufacturing methamphetamine for 10 years. This Walter worked in construction and evenings manufactured the drug.

The funny thing is that it also had a partner … very street.

Request a kiss on Valentine’s Day

Hidden camera prank to promote The Walking Dead

Hidden camera prank to promote The Walking Dead by AMC channel in New York, a group of zombies hiding under the street to surprise passers who passed the floor vents.

Shakira and Rihanna in her music video (no sound)

Shakira and Rihanna star in one of the sexiest videos of the 2014, and this had to use it, have given a twist to the issue … yes … but sounds authentic!

Advertise with the Russian government message

Snapping meter head shot

Girl house party

Step into the Alt Girl house party with Lass, Jo, Natalie, Misty and Gemma Stafford

Kangaroo on steroids

Game of Thrones 15 minutes of 4 season

Game of Thrones continues its intense promotion, 15 minutes from the fourth season to hit the small screen next April 6.

With deleted scenes of what to expect and interviews with actors, progress is titled ‘Fire and Ice: A Foreshadowing’

I Am #CandyGirl: Polina D.

Mexican graduation party