My love... She keeps me warm

First loop of a human. Damien Walters

First loop of a human, if you have read it correctly, a fucking machine that makes a loop running. The boy’s name is Damien Walters, and as well suggest the video, better not try it at home …

Snowboarding New York City

Base jumping to “nothing”

Reckless in the Shanghai Tower (650 meters)

Reckless without any fear of heights to climb higher in the Shanghai Tower.

It seems more of a video, but I personally have not stopped sudarme hands as she watched …

Brittany Renner and your fitness

Brittany Renner is a girl with an exercise routine that will get in shape faster than you could imagine … and if not it does not matter, you just look attentive …

Andrea Bargnani en I Believe I Can Fly

The new York Knicks were taking on the Philadelphia Sixers on Wednesday. Knicks center Andrea Bargnani decided to put his team on his back and make a play.

Bargnani got the pass outside the three-point arc and pump faked like he was going to shoot. He then drove past the defender into the paint and…I Believe I Can Fly

Fear of heights?

You until the end of the world

You until the end of the world and more there are! This is the motto of these two friends!

Bryan’s dog, Kaia, accompanied him all the way and this was the result.

Instagram’s Most Famous Butt

The most famous ass of Instagram is Selter Meet Jen.

You remember her? I presented it few days ago. [View Gallery]

Now comes to light an interview in which he tells us, among other things, that she must be doing something right because Rihanna follows in the network for some time.

Do you agree?

The people walking down the street near her if it is … Oh my God!

Calcio storico

For centuries, the residents of Florence, Italy have gathered to play ‘calcio storico’, an early form of soccer combining elements of rugby and MMA.

The participants divide into four teams, respectively representing the four quarters of the city, and battle gladiator-style in 50 minute matches.

GSXR 1000 and some skewers…


DevinSuperTramp is back

DevinSuperTramp has become, once again, to show life that everyone wants to live with his latest video “Rope Swing Zipline – NFL Stadium”

Street Football Itself

Jen Selter and perfect ass

Selter Jen has managed to 1,400,000 followers on Instagram.

Say it is known on the net as the perfect ass.

All thanks to millions of squats … with great dedication.

Follow her on Instagram @ JenSelter!


Top 10 NBA Dunks of 2013!

Skiing and jump a bridge…

Skiing and jump a bridge seems a difficult task, but not when in the hands of Mike Wilson and his team … really scary to see how the rail passes so close …

Suzuki Drift Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa Drift impressive for a Sunday authentic … let the ca iaia?

Martyn Ashton.

Martyn Ashton is a genius with the bike comes with Danny MacAskill and Chris Akrigg.

I assure you it is not a video of any bike …

David and Steph Teeterboard training

David and Steph Teeterboard training

The Teeterboard or Scale is an act that occurs in the Cirque du Soleil.