My love... She keeps me warm

Justin Bieber vs Miley Cyrus


Social experiment (Instagram)

Social experiment in this time when we are so sensitive to the use of our images, and other personal information on social networking sites by third parties.

Perhaps this shows you that you expose more of what you thought …

We are so comfortable

Fucking drunk…

I do not eat anything

High tech windshield wiper for the hot rod

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The seducer of Tomelloso

The seducer of Tomelloso is a character in the most peculiar.

His appearance on youtube is about 7 months ago after leaving prison, since then, the network is full of videos of the.

Ai fagot fagot …

Snowboarding New York City

Brave Bulldog Attack Lion and Tiger

Inked the day


Inequality does not sit well

Inequality does not feel well or being a monkey.

The experiment is simple, two monkeys with each stone is your carrier, ask the left to return it as a reward, a cucumber, the same right as a reward a grape.

Think the cucumber be happy?

He shoots his girlfriend through a culvert

He shoots his girlfriend through a culvert into a deadly trap devised by.

The woman has been rescued after spending three days in the sewers. The wound and found only her underwear.

The motherfucker was arrested after finding the girl.

It was me?

It is difficult to ask for forgiveness …

Request a kiss on Valentine’s Day

Snapping meter head shot

Kangaroo on steroids

Mexican graduation party

Justin Bieber tit biting a striper


Born to heavy metal

Born to heavy metal … although his mother is a little tired of the topic …